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PowerArchiver 2021 Download File Archive Free Download. Finally PowerArchiver 2021 File Archive Free Download For 32/64 Bit. PowerArchiver  File Archive Free Download.

PowerArchiver 2021 Download

PowerArchiver 2021 File Archive Free Download.PowerArchiver has been downloaded by tens of millions of users worldwide. The PowerArchiver offers hundreds of features, yet remains easy to use, small, and fast.

Novice users will find a familiar interface complete with tutorial and detailed help, while more experienced you can also take advantage of full Explorer integration, multiple encryption methods, and advanced compression algorithms. You can also get PowerArchiver 2021 File Archive Free.

What’s New:

We are pleased to announce that PowerArchiver 2017 has been officially released after 8 months of public testing!

PowerArchiver 2017 is the most important release of PowerArchiver ever, due to the new Advanced Codec Pack (.PA Format). Advanced Codec pack features a comprehensive collection of filters and codecs that let you compress and extract various types of files at great speeds and compression ratios.

It has been optimized for multi-core processors and 64-bit systems. Unlike experimental archives, Advanced Codec Pack is very easy to use and does not require any special skills – simply select PA format, and it will do all the work for you.


  • Two base modes: Optimized Fast and Optimized Strong deliver the fastest/strongest compression in the industry.
  • Smart Optimized modes select the best compression/speed ratios on the per-file basis, increasing compression rate and speed. In one compression scenario, PowerArchiver can use multiple codecs for different files/extensions! This provides much better compression/speed since we can target codecs better.
  • Optimized Fast – fast compression modes with 50MBs-400MBs compression speeds, depending on files and strength chosen. Data deduplication features and compression stronger than zip format.
  • Optimized Strong – Strong compression features at reasonable speeds even at the Extreme level. Optimized for processors with 4 and more threads. Supports multicore extraction and data deduplication. Special coders for stronger levels delivering better compression than comparable options in competing software.
  • PDF, DOCX, and PNG compression – compress your PDF and DOCX (Office) files between 30% and 70% better than WinRAR, WinZip and 7zip. Also used for PNG, APK, ZIP, and other files with deflate streams.
  • FIPS 140-2 256-bit AES encryption – Advanced Codec Pack (.PA) is very secure. Not only we use FIPS 140-2 validated encryption components, but we also apply a special transformation filter that ensures that the data being encrypted does not have any LZ compression markers that could make brute-force attacks easier. We consider it considerably more secure than encryption methods available in ZIP and RAR formats.
  • JPEG codec – uses Lepton compression for jpeg files, strong compression up to 23%.
  • MP3 codec – Strongest and fastest MP3 compression codec on the market with full multi-core support. Better compression and up to 3x faster speeds than WinZIP MP3 compression.
  • Special Deduplication filter – a fast filter that finds similar data at 50MB/s speeds (single thread). Works great for similar files that have some similar data, for instance when backing up your office files, this filter should increase compression ratios significantly. Compressing Software ISO’s with deduplication filter can lower the size by an extra 500MB compared to WR, WZ, 7-zip (Office 2016 ISO 2.25GB example), with super-fast compression!
  • Special codec for compressing txt/HTML/XHTML files. Better compression at faster speeds, multi-core optimized.

Other PowerArchiver 2017 features

  • Full 64bit support – for maximum speed and memory usage of the new.PA (Advanced Codec Pack). Please use the x64 version of PowerArchiver when possible. Used for all compression codecs, improves speed and memory usage.
  • New two-panel Explorer mode – Explorer replacement mode for powerful file handling!
  • Improved ZIP engine – Improved speed of our ZIP engine, fastest engine becoming even faster by 10-15% on average. You can now control the number of threads used for compression.
  • Improved 7-zip support – Multi-core 7-zip support in the 64bit version. Much faster compression speeds than before.
  • Interface changes – The Classic Toolbar is now the main and only interface. The Modern Toolbar has been removed in order to optimize speed and memory usage. The Classic interface has been extensively improved with the addition of a navbar at the bottom to better navigate all the various features available in PowerArchiver 2017. Startup speed has drastically improved under any condition and it is by up to 2x-3x faster, depending on computer specifications.
  • New Office add-ins – support for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Easily compress/encrypt/send without leaving Microsoft Office.
  •  Full support for all formats including Advanced Codec Pack (.PA) and even shell extensions.
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes – Numerous small changes and improvements throughout the application.

New, Modern User Interface

Modern User Interface A completely revamped user interface in PowerArchiver makes it easier to access the wealth of features that PowerArchiver has. This task-based interface utilizes the same “Ribbon” design found in Microsoft Office 2007 and ensures you quick access to the most used features while not hiding others under layers of menus.

For those that desire the older look, PowerArchiver’s Classic interface is still available.

7-Zip Compression

7-Zip is an advanced compression format featured in PowerArchiver. It is an open-source format, providing an open architecture and high compression ratio. 7-Zip outperforms ZIP, ACE, and even RAR in many tests.

PowerArchiver introduces a new Transparent Update feature for 7-Zip archives, which allows you to quickly add or remove files even if the archive is “Solid.”

Special exe/dll filters – the collection of special filters that improves compression up to 10-15% for exe/dll files. Superfast! Multi-core extraction – Most codecs have multi-thread support based on our mt wrap, which automatically gives you multi-threaded extraction. This means that extraction is also fast despite the use of advanced and strong compression. Custom compression profiles – Extensive support for custom compression profiles that let you configure 20+ codec options, thus making sure you can set up special case scenarios that work the best for your own data. Actively developed in-house, with frequent updates and new future codecs, optimizations, and more. Currently, over 10 filters/codecs are transparently used at the same time depending on file and options selected.

Finally Automated Backups

Backup Security vulnerabilities have become a major problem in Windows, which means it is critical to backup and protects your important data. With PowerArchiver’s built-in Backup Wizard, it is a breeze to back up your files.

By using a step-by-step wizard, you will be able to add files and folders, filter them based on your specifications, use 5 different compressions formats, add password protection, and even upload your backup to an FTP or SFTP (SSH) server directly!

To keep your backups secure from prying eyes, you can also encrypt the archives using ZIP AES encryption.

How to install?

  1. Finally, Save the download on your Devices.
  2. Finally, Run and install it
  3. That’s it, Enjoy! :)

PowerArchiver 2021 File Archive Free Download