Parashara Light Download 7.0.1 (2021 latest) Free For Windows

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

It has been a protracted-time since I’ve reviewed Parashara light for The Mountain astrologist. Since then the corporation has free version seven for Windows and version eight for the waterproof. The new arrival of version nine for each Windows and the waterproof computer has galvanized this review. (The Parashara’s lightweight version for android devices has additionally simply been free. Parashara Light Download Free.

Parashara’s light is an associate implausibly comprehensive Vedic star divination program that features over a hundred completely different screens. Also, as well as elaborated planetary tables, side graphs, many alternative Dasha strategies, and favourableness graph, a greatly increased Rectification tool. In addition, windows with delineations (e.g. planets by house, nature and temperament, lords homes|of homes} in houses, Dasha effects, Animated Transits, Varshaphala, Compatibility, etc.), and lots of additional.

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

I am charmed by several of the distinctive options offered by the program, like the Lordships tables (which shows Parivartana yogas). The graphs of Aspects on each house and also the lord of the house, the monthly Transit Calendar, and also the Kakshas screen. Parashara’s light has several functions in well-designed and comprehensive sets of screens, like Krishnamurti, Progressions, Muhurta, Compatibility, and more. Astrologers WHO use Chakra charts can appreciate that the new update has extremely interactive Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Kota Chakra, and Sanghatta Chakra screens and a Kakshas page. Two of the foremost vital new options for all astrologers are the move to a people annual (for the foremost correct calculations) and also the new, increased atlas, with updated geographical zone and time modification data. The additional dynamic atlas operation inserts the right time zones for all muhurta, Dasha, and transit charts, and once mistreatment the time modification tool.

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Parashara Light Download 7.0.1 Free

The latest version has several enhancements sanctioning users to customize the program to their desires. Foremost is that the ability to make your ideal pages with the charts, tables, graphs, images, and backgrounds that job best for you. You’ll additionally set any screen as your default screen (to seem once you open a chart). In addition, size and arrange charts and tables to your feeling, and examine many alternative peoples’ charts at the identical time, in separate tabs.

This version additionally makes it simple to optimize the screens for love or money from a little pill to an outsized video display. The innovative Yearly Transits summary shows the dates, for the whole year, once every planet (except the Moon) occupies every sign. The Tithi Pravesh Chart may be a reasonably advanced Vedic star come chart not found in most programs.

Throughout the Parashara Light software package, you’ll use either the mouse wheel or one in all the 2-time modification tools. Interactively with all of the objects on a screen (e.g. charts, graphs, tables, delineations, etc.). Combined with the power to feature no matter things you wish to the page. It creates associate surprisingly powerful vary of prospects for analyzing transits and birth chart rectification.

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

The Interpretation Hints are a valuable addition to the program. These hints illuminate concerning any planet or Nakshatra or sign or house on each screen. The knowledge provided for a planet, as an example, includes the character of the earth for the chart’s Ascendant and Moon.

Also, factors touching its strength, its house placement, conjunctions with different house lords, and also the homes it influences most. These hints are of nice utility to several who use the program. Parashara Light Free Download.

Features of Parashara Light 7.01 Free Download:

  • The most comprehensive Vedic calendar out and away is in Parashara’s lightweight 7’s Transit/Dasha report.
  • You’ll choose from a really massive set of selections that you just need to visualize within the monthly calendar.
  • You’ll select planetary entries into their own signs, nakshatras, navamsa, and degrees; ingresses into signs, rakshas, nakshatras, subs, and sub-subs; and also the starting and finish of Sade Sati.
  • Parashara Light is that the best Vedic program out and away for each mac and Android device, and one of all the highest Vedic programs for Windows too.

7.0.1 (2020 latest) Free Download

  • Also, you’ll additionally select that transiting points (the Vedic planets, upgrades, and also the Western outer planets), that natal points (including identical points, and the Yogi purpose, all house cusps, or angular houses), and what form of aspects to use (including whole sign Vedic aspects, actual degree aspects, and trines and squares).
  • Finally, you’ll additionally increase the calendar of the day and time. Once any of twenty-three Dasa systems lord changes right down to five levels Parashara Light.
  • Amazingly, you’ll produce any variety of various calendar formats for various functions, and decide them up once you need to run them. Parashara’s lightweight creates lovely and implausibly practical Vedic calendars of incomparable worth Parashara Light.

System Requirements for Parashara Light Free Download

While installation of Parashara Light Free Download your PC must meet some recommended requirements

  • RAM:                                       2GB of RAM or more 4 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk Memory:             2 GB of available hard-disk space
  • Processor:                              1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
  • Operating System:               2000 SP4*, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Technical Detail:

  • Software Name                       Parashara Light Pro
  • Setup File Name          
  • File Size:                                 288 MB
  • Setup Installer:                     Offline
  • Compatibility:                       64Bit (64x) or 32Bit (32x)

Download & Install

For downloading and installation of Parashara Light Free to follow the following instructions:

  • First of all, download the latest version of the Parashara Light Software Free.
  • After downloading the Parashara Light Latest Version extracts the Meshmixer zip file using WinRAR or WinZip.
  • After extracting the Parashara Light open the installer and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then install the Parashara Light for PC program in your window.

Parashara Light 7.0.1 (2021 latest) Free Download For Windows