IOS Launcher APK Free Download

Software Description:

IOS Launcher APK

IOS Launcher APK

IOS Launcher is a great app for Android users to experience the IOS like screen and iPhone UI on your Android devices. By installing this app, you can make your Android device to an iPhone. IOS Launcher for iPhone IOS 11 skin will make the Android phone look like the real iPhone X display. So, let the IOS Launcher turn your phone into an iPhone X. It has a simple and flat design which consume less memory and power of your phone and bring a faster experience for this IOS launcher. IOS Launcher for Android devices is a stylish, smart and personalized application for your Android phone. The application is quicker, Easy to use, and even more beautiful, it gives you an unprecedented experience to convert the Android device into the iPhone. IOS Launcher for Android is a very cool HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones.

The program is 100% safe and secure. The important thing about this app is that it consumes less power and memory efficiency of this application makes it famous than the other launcher application. This application consumes less battery and increases the mobile idle time. IOS Launcher sets the new standard for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It makes the iPhone better than before. IOS Launcher makes it easier to use and more intuitive than ever to multitask. As one of the best Android launchers on to the Google Play Launcher OS, 11 with phone X shape is an easy-to-use, no-frills launcher for Android. We believe that Simple is Beautiful. Our Launcher does not hog your precious memory resources and nor do we use up the CPU cycles. We just give you the highly-optimized, better-than-stock Android Home Screen replacement with a clean and polished interface.

Phone X Launcher OS 11 (Theme & Wallpaper) is Official launcher for your Android phones, and you can customize this launcher the way you want it to be: apply your favorite themes, wallpapers, organize and your apps in the folders automatically. Phone X Launcher OS 11 can meet most of your needs for Android launcher and make your phone faster and powerful. You can customize the launcher in which have free themes and wallpapers, and making the Phone X Launcher OS 11 the best launcher Ξ Tips:• Phone 8 pinch the screen to access the screen previews.• Long press is an icon to drag and drop it over and another one to create the folder.• Drag, hover and drop app icons over to the remove button at the top of the screen to quickly uninstall the apps.• Smart Folder: Smartly sort apps into categories based on the functionality.

Download IOS Launcher for Android Devices

IOS Theme and Launcher which will change your smartphone custom icon to a unique set of the custom icons and make it beautiful. IOS launchers to get on your Android devices. This app helping you to get on the iPhone interface and it does it with an immense level of accuracy. After the installation launcher will add the same level IOS transition effects, along with displaying the icon packs and system icons on your phone. Another advantage with the IOS Launcher is that you can easily categorize your phone apps.

Features of IOS Launcher Free Download

  • There are some significant features which have the user will experience after the installation of IOSLauncher.
  • It is the best launcher for the IOS display.
  • It has the latest fluid style of iPhone X wallpaper & icon sets are available.
  • Swipe up to Control Center: You can swipe up on the desktop to open the IOS 11 control the center, you can quickly control the phone Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, signal, flashlight, volume, brightness and screen rotation, etc.
  • Swipe down to open all the apps: You can hide the icon of all the apps. Also, make your desktop closer to the IOS launcher style. You can swipe down to open it quickly find the local apps and get web search results directly.
  • Phone X theme style Weather and Time widgets: You can swipe to the left on to the desktop to open the
  • Weather and time widget at any instant.
  • Lock the Screen: It displays the unique lock screen and password unlock interface that looks like the iPhone lock theme for Phone X with IOS 11 wallpapers.
  • Latest wallpaper and Icon sets: It has rich icons for phone X theme library and latest wallpapers gives you a comprehensive experience like an iPhone.
  • 3D Animation Effects: It powered by the 3D animation engine with graphic effects of 3D themes and widgets.
  • Launcher for IOS enables your 3D transition and will bring you to experience magic effects.
  • Live wallpaper: It gives you the facility of live wallpapers in which customize the traditional flat default menu interface and make your phone X launcher more stylish.
  • Easy to use Phone Launcher: IOS Launcher is easy to use and control the Center iOS 11 you can delete apps and moving apps around anywhere in the desktop is much easier.

IOS Launcher

Download and Install

For downloading and installation of IOS 11 Launcher APK please follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, download the latest version of IOS-Launcher app Download from our site Tool Hip.
  2. Open the downloaded file of the extension of APK and open it.
  3. After opening the APK file click on to the INSTALL option.
  4. When you click to install button, you may get a message: So, go to your mobile Settings >> Go to Security >> Enable the Unknown Resources. Don’t worry it cannot harm your Android phone.
  5. After one or minute the app is installed on your devices successfully.
Technical Detail:
  • APP Name is:                             IOSLauncher
  • APP Size is:                                   11 MB
  • Last Updates:                              November 25, 2018
  • License:                                                Free
  • IOS Version is:                            Android 4.0+ or above
  • Package Name is that:      
  • Setup Installer:                             Offline or online

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IOS Launcher APK Free Download

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