How to Send a Letter

How to Send a Letter

How to Send a Letter – ToolHip is providing you all solutions to your problems. There are a lot of life hacks, tips and tricks are available here. Today I’m going to show you How to Send a Letter. This is a very easy process to understand. After reading this complete article you would be able to send your Letter from one place to another place. This is an authentic and very fast way to send a letter.


Before Start How to Send a Letter:

Do we need to know about first What is a letter? And Why we need to send to another person. So basically a letter is a way of communication between two persons. This is an official way to share your information. With the help of Letter, the major department of Government and Private are working together. This is the basic need of any business. You can send a proposal and any information with the help of Letter. How to Send a Letter.


How to Send a Letter?

  • Open Gmail
  • Sign Up into Gmail
  • After making Account Login to your Gmail account
  • Click on “Compose” button
  • Enter the Email Address of destination person in the “To” text box
  • Enter the title of the Email Letter
  • Then If you have a letter in the text file then attach your file from your computer
  • If you do not have a text file. Then Write the Letter on the text area
  • After that Click on “Send” button
  • Just wait for confirmation message box
  • You will see “Sent” in the message box

The way that I describe to you is very easy and in a time-saving manner. You can also share any Application, Message, and any other data with the help of Email Address. There are many platforms like Gmail. Yahoo and Hotmail etc are also used for the email.


How to Send a Letter - Toolhip

How to Send a Letter via Letter Box?

If you have a letter on a page and you want to send to another person or anywhere. Then you must know about the person or place Address. Put your letter on the Letter cover and write the name and Address of the place where you want to send the Letter. After that just post your letter through the letterbox.

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