How to Download Instagram Photos? Step-By-Step Procedure

In this post, we will discuss How to Download Instagram Photos? Step-By-Step Procedure. Need to download Instagram photos from your feed to your computer or phone? Here’s how to do it. If you want to download Instagram photos, you’ve come to the right place. You may have accidentally deleted the authenticity of the beautiful photos you uploaded to Instagram. Or you may have lost your phone and camera. You may have taken a photo with your app camera and forgot to save it, or you may want to cite or repost an image from someone else’s feed and it may not be original. Here’s a complete guide to getting content from Instagram on your computer, Mac, or phone to solve your problems.

Downloading photos from Instagram is not as easy as posting them. We’ll run all of your options, from downloading your entire history to using individual image source code or using third-party apps. Use the links on the right to go to your next section. If you want to enhance your photos before uploading them to Instagram, you need to know about the best photo editing apps. For more Instagram tips, you can also see how to change the font in your Instagram bio, our guide for Instagram fonts, or how to turn on Instagram’s Dark Mode. Also, Read About How to Block a Website on Your Windows? Step-By-Step Procedure

When downloading Instagram photos, please respect image ownership and keep in mind that some of these methods allow other users to download photos, we always take permission and credit it wherever we want. Recommend giving for more information on copyright on Instagram, see our article on how to repost on Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC or Mac?

Instagram doesn’t offer a native way to download individual photos from your feed. But it does allow you to download the full history of your account, including all photos and videos uploaded as posts or stories. This is the only “official” way to download your stuff, which was introduced due to privacy concerns following a dispute at the parent company Facebook. It allows you to download your data. Provides a link.

  1. Login and Get Started

Go to the Instagram website on your browser, log in. Also, then clicks on the right side of the gear icon where it says edit profile and choose privacy and security.

  1. Request Download

This will point you to the page headed to Account Privacy. Further, scroll down to “Where the data is downloaded” and click “Download Request”.

  1. Get the download Link Via Email

Re-enter your email and password, and confirm the email address where you want to get the download link and click ‘Next’. Instagram will automatically start bundling your data into a downloadable package and will send you a link via email. They say it can take up to 48 hours, but we know email arrives in an hour or two. The link only lasts for four days, so search for it or you’ll have to re-apply. How to Download Instagram Photos and videos also.

  1. Download your Data

Once the email arrives, click ‘Download Data’ and you’ll be taken to the Instagram site to sign in and download. You’ll find a zip file that you’ve always published, commented on, or liked. Drag the file to a new folder to keep multiple subfolders together in one place. You’ll find a record of all your photos, videos, stories, and all your comments, searches, likes, and messages. You can also request a file through the app: go to your profile, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner, and select ‘Settings’. Select ‘Security’, ‘Download Data’, type in your email and password, then tap ‘Download Request’. How to Download Instagram Photos on computer.