How to Convert MP4 to MP3? Complete Guide

In this post, we will discuss How to Convert MP4 to MP3? Complete Guide. What should you do when you don’t need to watch the video, but just need to listen to the audio instead? In these cases, you want the portability and storage offered in MP3. Although you don’t need both. We are going to tell you how to easily convert an MP4 video file to MP3. MP4 files are used to store and view the video, while MP3 files are used to store and view audio. Both MP4 and MP3 file formats have the same ancestry. They both come from the Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG) format of file compression. How to Convert MP4 to MP3 IN VLC. Also, Read About How to Convert MKV to MP4? Complete Guide

Besides that, the MP4 file format and the MP3 file format are the same. When it comes to their features, the only major difference between the two is that the MP4 format is for video and the MP3 format is for audio. There are many free file converters that you can use directly in your browser or download to your desktop. Read on to learn about our favorite members and our easy instructions on how to convert your MP4 using these handy tools.

Step 1: Navigate to CloudConvert

Cloud Convert Homepage is the perfect place to start. Cloud Convert is an intuitive, cloud-based service that provides a stand-alone option that requires a little more than an Internet connection and your file. It’s completely free, doesn’t require any additional software to run, and supports instant conversion between over 100 formats. Most importantly in our case, from MP4 to MP3.

Although the resulting audio quality is very good, as is the conversion speed, a free account can only handle files less than 1 GB. How to Convert MP4 to MP3 free very easily. Other limitations of the free version are a maximum of 25 conversions per day, five concurrent conversions, and free accounts have a lower priority than paid accounts. However, if you only need to convert a few small files in a day, Cloud Convert should suit your needs.

Step 2: Select the files you want to Convert

Click the Select File button in the middle of the page and select the video file you want to convert to MP3. A popup window will appear where you can search for or search for the desired files on your computer. You can also select a file from a URL, or from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Note that you will need to sign in to your cloud storage account through the Cloud Convert site so that you can access your cloud storage files. Doing so can automatically create a free cloud convert account. Once your files are selected, click the Open button in the bottom right corner to add the file to the conversion queue.

Step 3: Choose your output format

Click the drop-down arrow button that appears after uploading your MP4 file. Then select Audio after MP3 in the drop-down list. If you want to normalize the audio bit rate (up to 320kbps), channels, frequencies, or trim a new file to a specified length. Click on the wrench icon next to the file. The latter is an incredibly handy tool if your video introduces or ends with unwanted audio. When finished, click the Red OK button. How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows 10.

Step 5: Begin the Conversion

When you are done setting your desired output preferences. Click the Red Convert button on the right side of the page. At the top, you will see a gray and yellow bar indicating the current status of the conversion, along with the cancel button. You should change your mind for whatever reason. After that, wait for the conversion to complete.

Step 6: Download your new MP3

This may take some time, but Cloud Convert will notify you when your exchange is finished. Then just click the green download button and select a safe destination for the file. Now that you’ve ripped your audio, you need a good MP3 player to play it. These are our favorites.