Drop Down From Cabinet Hidden TV

Televisions are constant in almost every home. However, not everyone has the space to hang a screen in their room, especially if there are many furniture pieces. Some TVs, with their size and design, can even ruin the outlook of interior decor.

Nevertheless, the above concerns become less pressing if you opt for a drop down from cabinet hidden TV. Such a setup ensures your screen is only visible when you want to watch, and you save space by installing it inside a cabinet. This article discusses this mechanism in detail, so read on to find out more.

How Do Drop-Down TV Lifts Work?

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A drop down lift will lower your TV from any above compartment, like the ceiling, a wall, or, in this case, a cabinet. It features a metal frame, which you’ll install inside the cabinet to hold the TV securely. Then, a linear actuator moves the frame up and down to reveal and conceal the TV as needed. You control the lift using a remote, which connects to a control box that activates the linear actuator.

The above confirms that the linear actuator plays a primary role in the drop-down TV lift mechanism. That’s not surprising, since linear actuators have many uses when it comes to simplifying home life. We recommend them because they’re easy to work with.

Linear actuators use an electric motor, gearbox, and rod. Once activated, power from the motor rotates the gearbox to push the rod. The rod either extends or retracts, and for a drop-down lift, that implies lowering your or raising your TV. For this system to work, however, you’ll attach the actuator rod to the lift’s metal frame.

It’s worth noting that some drop down TV lifts have additional features like programmable lift heights, swivel brackets, or flip-down mechanisms. You can call them smart lifts and with them, you get an extra level of convenience. For instance, you can set custom positions with a programmable lift, while swivel brackets lets you rotate your screen for optimal viewing. Flip-down lifts operate in a similar way, as they allow you tilt your TV forward or backward.

Considerations for a Drop Down From Cabinet Hidden TV Lift

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TV lifts are of different types with size as the main varying factor. For this reason, there are certain things to consider before you conclude on installing a drop down from cabinet hidden TV. We discuss these in detail below.

Linear Actuator Specifications

The linear actuator that operates your TV lift should have the right specs, especially the stroke length, force capacity, and speed. These are vital for a smooth and safe operation. The actuator should have a workable stroke length to lower your TV to a viewable position. Here, you’ll need to check the size of your cabinet against that of your television. If it’s going to be a large setup, then, you need more stroke length.

In terms of force capacity, pay attention to your TV weight and lift frame. Bear in mind that more force is required to hold a drop-down lift than a pop-up one. Finally, the actuator’s operating speed should be reasonable, as you don’t want your TV to slide down too fast or too slow.

Cabinet Design

As stated already, you should compare your cabinet size with that of your television. It must be big enough to completely conceal your screen when not in use. However, that’s not all to consider regarding the cabinet design.

The cabinet’s strength and style are also essential factors. Particularly, use a cabinet with sufficient strength to carry your TV and the drop-down lift system. The last thing you want is for your setup to come crashing once you activate the actuator.

Style has to do with the cabinet’s decor and how easy it is to access the lift. From time to time, you may need to carry out maintenance, so it’s not ideal to shut off your TV behind a piece of wall furniture. We recommend using a cabinet with doors in front that you can easily open.

Lift Location

Where you mount your drop-down from the cabinet TV lift is another crucial factor to consider. It influences the lift’s functionality and your own enjoyment, but fortunately, it’s not difficult to get it right. Simply ensure you place your cabinet in a location that guarantees viewing comfort.

From experience, some best places you can install your cabinet and drop down lift include:

  • Above your kitchen island. Here’s our best location for installing a drop-down TV, as it provides entertainment as you prepare meals. Notably, place the cabinet in an area where it doesn’t interfere with your cooking.
  • Above your bed. You can install your drop-down TV lift in your bedroom; on a wall above your sleeping area. Ensure the cabinet doesn’t block any major feature, like lights or windows.
  • Above the living room fireplace. This works if you have an enclosed or artificial fireplace. That way, heat won’t damage the TV or linear actuator.

Hiding Your TV in a Cabinet Using a Drop Down TV Lift

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Your drop down from cabinet hidden TV can be ready to go in under an hour. Here is how:

  • Get a quality drop down TV that matches your cabinet and screen size.
  • Cut out an area at the bottom of your cabinet, wide enough for your TV to slide out without hitches.
  • Next, install the lift guide rails and metal frame at the back wall of the cabinet. Follow up with installing the linear actuator and connecting it to the metal frame. Also connect the gearbox and rod.
  • Test the actuator to see if it works accurately. If yes, then you can add your TV and run a second test. You’re good to go if there are no motion difficulties.


Keeping your TV in a hidden cabinet comes with the advantage of saving space and enhancing style. Thankfully, a drop down lift makes it feasible, and with a linear actuator at the core, it’s also easy to operate. However, ensure you consider the highlighted factors so your setup works optimally.