Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 + Data (Unlimited Money) Download

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Dark Days MOD APK Zombie Survival is a gorgeous survival game with dramatic gameplay and filled with surprises. Though just like Last Day on Earth, the game still offers you a replacement feeling. Additionally, the game conjointly owns an excellent sensory system and spectacular action effects, promising to bring you exciting recreation moments. Download this game to your phone via the links below this text. Currently, survival games are highly regarded. I feel PUBG Mobile is that the commonest example. However, the game I’m introducing to you nowadays isn’t simply a survival game, that game folks fight folks. However, this can be a real survival game, living during a world on the brink of being destroyed by an excellent disaster. Now, let take part in the battle to survive in Dark Days: Zombie Survival APK.

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Calling this game could be a new genre isn’t very true. This game is galvanized by the Last Day on Earth. Indeed, solely the publisher Azur Interactive Game has upgraded to higher-quality graphics. And like LDOE, Dark Days: Zombie Survival conjointly follows a desirable plot line wherever you’ll play the most character, who directly faces the zombie disaster.

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The Earth has encountered a serious pandemic, in precisely some months everything looks to fade and crumble. Dark Days MOD APK the town was flooded with corpses and blood. The murky, creepy landscape causes you to feel hideous. Guess what happened? a new epidemic in human history, dragging folks into the eternal battle to survive. Virtually the whole population was sanguinary zombies. Cities stuffed with formidable undead sort of a real apocalypse. The military is forced to use nuclear bombs, however, all efforts are futile.

Collectively of the few survivors, you’re forced to go away town to flee from the zombies. However not solely that, your mission is even larger. Survive for as long as potential, kill all the zombies and light-weight up the hope for humanity. Therefore, you want to build a secure shelter, collect resources, create everything helpful and fight to wipe out the zombies. The destiny of the world is in your hands!


Call Dark Days: Zombie Survival could be a true survival game as a result of you’ve got to try everything to survive the longest during this zombie disaster. You don’t grasp how? Build a shelter and build a journey for yourself. Your journey begins during a safe place, that has no zombies. However, once you begin your journey of survival is additionally once you enter the globe filled with danger. within the starting, collect what you would like for your inventory. Keep in mind the character is human and food is important. Some fruits within the forest are terribly helpful for your baggage. And after all, for self-defense, a stone with a limb is that the most rudimentary thus you’ll craft it. Later, you’ll collect additional resources like guns, motorcycles, bombs. Dark Days MOD APK helps you a great deal in protecting yourself and fighting zombies later. Don’t miss something on the way!

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download

Fight Zombies

On the journey of Dark Days: Zombie Survival, you’ll encounter a couple of single zombies. Destroy them to achieve loot and skill to level up. However, don’t unwisely get in the groups of zombies once you haven’t enough instrumentality required. In their hiding place, there are multitudinous crazy zombies. Going into that’s an easy thanks to opting for death. However, strive a couple of times to check their forces and notice the simplest way to cope later. once you die, you’ll come to a secure space and begin over. Dark Days MOD APK to beat the various variety of aggressive zombies, you would like a great deal of elegant instrumentality.

And also the sole thanks to creating them is to level up and collect additional advanced things. Dark Days MOD APK these things embrace guns like submachine guns, AK guns, pistols, … additional specifically, reaching an explicit level, you’ll get a motorcycle, a helpful vehicle for moving or run away. Once you are certain of your strength, burgled the zombie habitation and kill all those hideous zombies.


Dark Days MOD APK has been upgraded with a great deal of graphics with a mixture of 2d and 3D pictures. With 2d pictures, a massive and vivid worldview reveals within the most realistic method, in the course of a 3rd perspective, which provides an excellent summary. 3D graphics are shown within the fierce battle with zombies, the place wherever the zombies are created crazy and violent.

Features of Dark Days APK MOD Download:

  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival owns a comparatively numerous feature system.
  • The highlight that catches our eye is the huge world within the game.
  • With a massive map, players will freely explore or venture into the packed places of dangerous zombies.
  • Costly weapon and equipment-making system.
  • Players allow forming many varieties of weapons, many traps to form your shelter safer than ever.
  • Besides, owning an intuitive system makes the game additional engaging and suspense than ever.
  • Players won’t get bored quickly owing to the system is extremely sensitive, particularly once the character is in a pressing and dangerous state of affairs.
  • Through the bunkers containing several corpses and things, players can receive multitudinous distinctive shirt rewards when they pass this challenge.

1.2.6 Download


  • Endless cash and energy
  • Eternal objects
  • Open all crafting recipes

Dark Days MOD APK Download & Install

    1. First of all, download the Dark Days MOD APK Latest Version from our site Tool Hip.
    2. Open the downloaded file of extension Dark Days MOD APK Android 1 and open it.
    3. After opening the Dark Days MOD APK file click on the INSTALL option.
    4. When you click the install button you may get a message: so, go to your mobile Settings >> Go to Security >> Enable the Unknown Resources. Don’t worry it cannot harm your Android device.
    5. Also, if Dark Days MOD APK  files are offered in the download then extract them and copy them into your android phone at Android >> OBB >> copy files here.
    6. Finally, After one or minute, the Peel Smart Remote working app is installed on your device successfully.

Dark Days MOD APK Free Download is a useful Android game with many features. The Dark Days APK Download app is completely safe and secure of any malware.

Technical Details

  • APP Name:                                          Dark Days
  • APP Version:                                       v1.2.6
  • License:                                                Free
  • Category:                                              Zombies Game
  • Operating System:                              Android
  • File Format:                                         APK
  • Minimum Requirements:                  Android 4.0+
  • Finally Download Size:                       115 MB


Dark Days MOD APK 1.2.6 Download