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Clash of Magic APK: It is a private server of the Clash Of Clans. We all know that the popular multiplayer strategy game COC. This game was released in the year of 2012 back then and still, it didn’t lose its charm. In the game, you have to build your own village and loot others to gain their resources. Arrange your defenses. Train from mighty barbarians to the hasty dragons and brew spells like the earthquake and healing spells. The strategy is the key, so make your plan and storm the leaderboards. For this game, we have brought to you the private server of the COC.

Clash of Magic

Finally Clash of Magic APK

More information regarding the Clash Of Magic APK provided below. Clash of magic  is the most popular and COC Private Server having a lot of features which makes the game easy and people enjoy this game more. As we know that Clash of Clan is a very famous game that is why people want to download some server that helps to get the feature without any problem. Clash of the Magic APK is a custom server network. They started our journey in May 2015, and now we are one of the best server networks. They have 4 servers for COC – with mods or without mods, you decide it. Their high-speed hosting ensures that you will always get the best experience without lags.

 Finally made Clash Of Magic APK awesome based on their users’ feedback. Interested? There is more stuff to discover! In this private server, they have provided 24/7 working servers, each Clash Of Magic server contains different but fun to play mods with weekly bug fixes and updates, containing new in-game features, mods, and stability improvements. Before we move further towards every server, let’s have a short introduction so that the new users can also take full benefit out of it. The Clash of Magic is a hosted on the third-party server, and it is similar to the original version, but in the private server, you can generate the unlimited amount of the resources including Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

Clash of Magic And Its Features 

Clash of Magic APK is one of the best private servers of the clash of clan. People love to play the COC game with the help of the magic server because of this server has many features. Due to its many features, the popularity of the server increasing day by day. With the help of the server, people can get unlimited features which make the clash of the clan more enjoyable. The best part of the server is that the people don’t need to struggle to achieve the things they just need to use the server and get the unlimited features that you can get in the original game after a lot of the effect and time.

App NameClash Of Magic APK
Download OnGoogle Play
Requires Android4.1+
Updated OnJune 2019
  • Anti-Ban APK: This Clash of the Magic APK is totally different from actual COC servers, that’s why you will not get any ban for playing this game. The servers are owned by the respective holders and which have no connection to the original COC game.
  • Works Without the Root: Clash of the Magic APK doesn’t need a rooted phone to work on with. Just download and play this game with the cool and exciting mods and other features. Also, the Clash of Magic is free from any kind of malware and Ads, so you are good to go.
  • Stability and Uptime: This is something for which the Clash of the Magic APK mod is so popular, featuring Stability, fast and secure the servers that everyone likes which play on. We are online 24/7, even when the official servers are under the maintenance. We care about our players who want to play this game without any break and the maintenance time.
  • Compatibility: Our Clash of the Magic APK is compatible with both Android and iOS. Majority of the COC mods available in the market only supports the android but we have to provide you the Clash of Magic APK/IPA files that runs on your iOS running devices as well.
Clash of Magic Servers

Finally Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic MOD Features

Clash of Magic APK Download private server is powered by the 32GB of the DDR4 RAM, 2400MHz RAM (4×8) with 8 Core powerful CPU (4,2 GHz) and1024 GB SSD RAID0. Our private server features 1000/1000Mbps Network for 99,99 % Uptime and comes with the DDoS Protection. We have to provide 4 Different Servers of the Clash of Magic for different types of working Mods each have with its own features to choose from. Currently, the game Version is 10.322 (We always try to update our servers ASAP after the original game)

Here are some exciting features listed below.

All PVE Goblin Maps are Unlocked: We all know that single player Goblin maps which are need to be defeated first to play them. But our Clash of the Magic APK features all maps unlocked right out of the box. Air Sweeper attacks in which 360° direction: The Clash of the Magic APK gives you Air sweeper like never before. Now blow the air and keep dragons and other air creatures away from your base in which 360° just like the cannons. This makes the game more interesting. Buy anything for 1 Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir: No more worries of the looting other’s base and grab their loot. Buy anything from the walls to train expensive dragons, from buying decoration to going air artillery. Do this all the things with just 1 amount of gold and elixir. Clash of Magic APK Download now to enjoy these exciting features.

Installation Guide

To install Clash Of Magic APK, Download the APK from our official servers then go to File Manager and locate the downloaded APK. Click on it and tap install.

Final Verdict

‘Clash Of Magic APK’ private server features you with cool and exciting mods and 100% uptime. This game is like heaven to any COC player out there. We all know how long it takes to build and progress in the normal game, keeping that in mind we have made this private server to give users a whole new experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download “Clash Of Magic” now. It has the clash of magic launcher get it from here.

Clash of Magic APK Download Free 2019

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