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Pokemon Go APK Latest Version v.0.97.2

Pokemon Go apk Latest Version v.0.97.2

The Pokemon game develops by Niantic, Inc her developer perform his best to make this game every person which is the member of this team work hard and makes this game for the people. In this game different type of pokemon used which fights each other and use different varieties to win the better. Total 1000 Million people download this game also multiple people constantly download and play this game. You may also like to play Summoners War Latest Version 3.8.3.

Pokemon Go APK Features:

Upgrade Pokemon Level:

  • First, upgrade your Pokemon level max to fight against your opposite pokemon when you win you move to the next level but if you lose the game keep try again with another pokemon and show you are best to fight against the enemy.

Connect with Facebook:

  • When you connect your pokemon go game on facebook you may also invite your friend to play this game because of you also play this game with your friend and won the battle against your friend.
Pokemon Go apk Latest Version v.0.97.2
Pokemon Go apk Latest Version v.0.97.2

One to One Battle:

  • First of all through your pokemon against your enemy when you through pokemon go different monster fight each other one to one battle each monster is use the different technique they beat another monster to win the battle.

HD3D Graphic Display:

  • The developer of this game used HD 3D graphic which is very attractive to view and plays this game in his free time most people like to enjoy and play with her friends because the display of this game attracts people to play Pokemon Go APK.

More About Pokemon Go APK:

Size                                                                        96.3MB

Type                                                                         APK Type

Latest Version                                                    V.0.97.2

Last Update                                                         16 April 2018

Supported App                                                   Android, iOs, Window, iPhone

Pokemon Go apk Latest Version v.0.97.2
Pokemon Go apk Latest Version v.0.97.2

Finally!first of all, download Pokemon Go APK free at ToolHip website and enjoy to use it free.

Finally!Share this app with your friends or family member also.

Finally!Thanks for downloading Pokemon Go APK.

Pokemon Go APK Latest Version v.0.97.2


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